Our Story

Meet The Founder

Little Chef And Me was inspired by my own little chef, Raiden, and his endless curiosity to see what mami and papi are cooking.

Growing in Venezuela, all my favorite memories revolved around being in the kitchen and cooking together with family. Gathering in the kitchen and being able to season the food, taste it and stir it gave me a sense of pride and independence. It was knowing that I was able to help craft a delicious meal for my family that made the meal even more fulfilling to eat. 

Now having the opportunity to inspire kids to become active participants in what they eat and how its prepared, has turned this passion into a reality.

While envisioning a line of products for Little Chef and Me, I drew on my professional background as a chef and my experience as mother go create a brand that tailored for little chefs. The goal is to give families more than just cookware, rather I want to fill their home with memories. 

-Founder, Zoe Kelly-



The Mission

Our mission is to inspire, cultivate and nurture your Little Chef's curiosity in the kitchen. We want your Little Chefs to feel like active participants in the kitchen where they will be able to learn valuable life skills while cooking. We hope to motivate families to step away from the screens and come together to create a great meal and even better memories.

Everything we carry has been thoughtfully curated from not only a chef’s perspective but also a parent's. By providing you with real kitchen products that are unisex, modern and timeless you and your Little Chef will have endless fun for years to come. Because food taste better, when we cook together!